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Latest Writing Samples

Space Jellyfish Swims Across Sky After SpaceX Launch

Early morning stargazers from Florida all the way up to Georgia and beyond were treated to a magnificent display as a rocket launch sent what’s known as a “space jellyfish” swimming through the skies. At 5:42 a.m. EDT on May 6, SpaceX launched 53 Starlink satellites into orbit on its Falcon 9 rocket, splattering a jellyfish-shaped luminous blob in its trail, delighting those who braved the early wake-up call to witness the event. While the Florida coast is certainly known for jellies, they’re

Research Shows Dog Behaviors Are Largely Unrelated to Breed

Golden retrievers are friendly; Australian shepherds are energetic; Akitas are stubborn, and pit bulls are downright aggressive — or are they? When it comes to dog breeds, you may think you know your pups, but a study released this week confirmed what dog trainers and pit bull advocates have known all along: every dog’s personality is special and unique! If you live on this planet, you’re likely to have encountered an enthusiastic dog owner oversharing all of the amazing things about their mos

Whiskey Business: Is Scotch The Future Of Fuel?

You may not often hear the words drinking and driving paired in a positive light, but that could change soon enough as a Scottish biofuel company makes headway in using one of the word’s favorite spirits to fuel your car! Renowned for its malty, fruity, smoky flavor, Scotch whiskey is so popular that 44 bottles are shipped around the globe each second, culminating in an industry worth about $6 billion per year! Like most things, whiskey’s manufacturing process has a dark side: for each liter p

Woman Earns Up To $10k for Branded Baby Names

A quick Google search for “baby name anxiety” will tell you that new parents are often in for a motherlode of stress when it comes time to name their bundle of joy. In an age where personal branding is everything, parents are doing whatever it takes to ensure their child is named for success — even if that means paying someone else good money to do the job for them. Enter Taylor Humphrey, a 33-year-old New York–based professional baby namer who will pick the perfect name for your latest little

Not Just Allergies: Gardener's Itchy Eye Caused By Fly Larvae

Bees are buzzing. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. People are sneezing. It must be allergy season! As people across the Northern Hemisphere began stocking up on antihistamines, one man in France found himself dealing with much more than pollen making his eyes itch after doctors discovered over a dozen larvae living under his lids! Doctors at France’s University Hospital of Saint-Etienne made an eye-opening discovery when a 53-year-old man showed up in their emergency room complaining t